The Demonic Chronicles

The Demonic Chronicles is a four-part series of supernatural-horror erotica novellas gushing with debauchery and blasphemy. These intimate stories are centered around a young apprentice infatuated with her magickian master in a dark world of magick, demons, love and lust. These twisted tails explore the most taboo of sexual encounters.

The Demonic Chronicles

This story can be found in, A Sensual Wonderland Vol 1, available for purchase through Smashwords and Google Play, and also by themselves, The Demonic Chronicles, available for purchase through Smashwords.

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The Demonic Chronicles – Seduction

Lana is taken on her first hunt as a gift for her eighteenth birthday. The evil they discover waiting for them is more than she can handle, emotionally and physically.

The Demonic Chronicles – Conquest

Lana receives a spanking for her nineteenth birthday. It was a long time coming, and she will never forget it.

The Demonic Chronicles – Violation

Lana and her girlfriend sneak out on her twentieth birthday for a hunt but find their journey into the darkness more than they can manage.

The Demonic Chronicles – Climax

Lana sets a trap to capture a most precious gift for her twenty-first birthday, but she ensnares much more than she can deal with alone.