I’m an independent genre fiction writer in St Pete, Florida. I find inspiration for my stories everywhere, from anime and video games to comic books and cult films. My favorite authors growing up were the king of sci-fi thrillers, Michael Crichton, and the hyperpunk and Halo visionary, Eric Nylund. The authors I enjoy most now include the master of contemporary urban fantasy, Jim Butcher, and the hilarious and deviant maestro of comic horror, David Wong.

While I’ve studied many philosophies and belief systems, from the Hermetic Arts and Witchcraft to Buddhism and Hinduism, I consider myself spiritual but not religious. Dogma is for the sheeple. Stop baaahing and wake up! The Internet is my informational deity of choice. Because you know, libraries are for old people and nerds. I reject the golden calf that is the corporate media. It’s all half-truths and lies meant to manipulate your perceptions of humanity and the world. If I wasn’t so dedicated to my writing, I’d be preparing for the zombie apocalypse. It’ll happen. Thanks to the Monsanto corporation, it’s just a matter of when. Writing is my passion and fiction is my escape.


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