A Sensual Wonderland (Vol 3)

A Sensual Wonderland Vol 3 is another carnal collection of thirteen erotic novellas. Tantalizing tales of affectionate love and ardent lust. Take an exciting escapade through wondrous worlds of science-fiction, fantasy, and urban fantasy, exploring many taboos along the way. Experience passion and magick and stunning twists with aliens and bioroids, furries and fairyfolk, werewolves and vampires, and much more.

A Sensual Wonderland Vol 3 (50% Scale)

A Sensual Wonderland Vol 3 is available for purchase through Smashwords and Google Play.

You can download previews of the stories here:

Raptured in the Invasion

Stalking My Feral Brother

My Secret Guardian

Ensnared by Lust Vampires

Torn Between Seductions

The Summer I Became a Suck-Slut

The Assassin’s Courtesan

Confessions of a Vampire Witch

Secretary Sex Slave

A Pixie’s Perversion

Escape into Wonder

Subjugating My Elven Sister

My Long-Lost Den Mother