A Sensual Wonderland (Vol 2)

A Sensual Wonderland Vol 2 is another titillating collection of thirteen erotic novellas. Steamy tales of awe-inspiring love and dangerous lust. Take a stimulating journey through wondrous worlds of science-fiction, fantasy, and supernatural horror, exploring many taboos along the way. Experience passion and magick and shocking twists with deities and devils, furries and fairyfolk, werewolves and vampires, and much more.

A Sensual Wonderland Vol 2 (50% Scale)

A Sensual Wonderland Vol 2 is available for purchase through Smashwords only, since it has been banned by Google.

You can download previews of all of the stories here:

A Faerie’s Affection Divided

Deep Space Sirens

A Pet’s Love

Ravenous Obsession

Revelations of a Vampire Witch

Tiny Terrible Temptress

An Elf Sister’s Secret

Deadly Seduction

Teddy Bear Nightmare

Plundered by Savages

A Daughter’s Desire

Lil’ Spirit Peeler

Seraphic Surrender