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A Brother’s Deadly Envy – The Walking Dead

Lover’s Guilt – The Last of Us

Lust for Freedom – Beyond: Two Souls

Desire of the Dead – Highschool of the Dead

I’ll Return It Ten Times… – Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Esoteric Regret – Supernatural

Infatuated by Corruption – Batman Nolanverse

Toxic Tease – Batman Nolanverse

A Sister’s Affection – Life is Strange

Stockholm Revenge – Mortal Kombat

Terror from Beyond – DC Universe

The Depraved X-Men – New X-Men: Academy X

Deadpool and his X-Sluts! – Marvel Universe

Deadpool Loves Harley Quinn – DC Universe

Deadpool Dreams of Darkstalkers – Darkstalkers Universe

Deadpool’s Sexy-Ass Zombie Slayers! – Multiple Zombified Worlds