A Sensual Wonderland (Vol 1)

A Sensual Wonderland is a tantalizing collection of thirteen erotic novellas. Spicy tales of beautiful love and devious lust. Take an arousing adventure through fantastic worlds of cyberpunk, fantasy, and supernatural horror, where no taboo goes unexplored. Experience passion and magick and surprising twists with angels and demons, witches and wizards, cyborgs and androids, faeries and elves, and much more.

A Sensual Wonderland (50% Scale)

A Sensual Wonderland Vol 1 is available for purchase through Smashwords and Google Play.

You can download previews of most of the stories here:

Transcendent Love

Secret Diary of a Shinto Witch

Viral Lust

Confession of a Forest Nymph

Luscious Deceit

The Demonic Chronicles

Robotic Ecstasy

Forbidden Rapture

Digital Journal of a Cyberpunk Pixie

Elysian Desire