Plundered by Savages

Plundered by Savages is a short science-fiction horror erotica. A dubious consent, interracial gangbang story. A free BDSM sexy teaser.

Plundered by Savages

A virgin bride is captured by junkie pirates who covet her narcotic breast milk, but their stellar drive sustains damage while fleeing and they’re forced to exit slipspace in uncharted territory. After executing an emergency landing on an alien planet, tribal panther-men attack, butchering the pirates and seizing the woman for their own carnal desires.

This story can be found in, A Sensual Wonderland Vol 2, available for purchase through Smashwords, and also by itself, Plundered by Savages, available for Free through Smashwords and Google Play.

And you can download it here for Free too!

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